Sale of live bait for fishing
Fishing with liv bait

Live bait is the best way to consistently catch fish

When everything else fails, fishing with live bait is often the strategy that saves the day and put fish in the boat. There are many types of sea worms that can be used. The most common are bloodworms, lugworms, sea worms, live worms. And before you can go and do some fishing with live bait, you will have to catch the bait you will using.

While lures will out fish live bait in certain situations, live bait is the best way to imitate what the fish are eating. Some of the more popular types of lures are bloodworms, lugworms, sea worms, live worms.

So fishing with live bait involves several advanced techniques. Techniques for catching the bait and techniques for catching big fish with the bait. It takes knowledge and skill to find and catch the fish. But it is always worth the time and effort for fishing with live bait is one of the most effective ways to get in contact with popular sports fish such as trout, salmon, pike, bass and many other species. All the big predators can be tempted with live bait presented the right way.

Fishing is the activity of hunting for fish. It is an ancient and worldwide practice that dates back about 10,000 years with various techniques and traditions and it has been transformed by modern technological developments. When using smaller bait fish while fishing for bass, your rigging style may be a bit different. Smaller bait fish do not swim around as much as large one so you may want to fish deeper it really depends on the conditions. Just because you are using minnows or small shad it does not mean you will not catch large bass. I have caught many large fish while bass fishing with small shinners. Experiment with different rigs when bass fishing with live bait to see what works best for you.

Fishing with live bait for bass can be a very exciting break from bass fishing with lures. You can use large bait fish like a perch or big gizzard shad. You will be surprised how many smaller bass you will catch on large bait fish. When using a a perch you want to hook it right under the dorsal fin. This will keep the fish alive the longest. You can either fish off the bottom or near the surface. To fish for bass with live bait on the surface you want to use a large bobber, and i split shot weight. The small weight will allow the bait fish to swim around a bit. Usually you want to give the bait fish 2 or 3 feet of line, once the fish gets tired of swimming around it will come up near the surface and this is when the bass will explode on them!